Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now it’s time to plan the perfect look for your big day.

The Skin & Body Spa is proud to be one of Nashua’s most trusted salons for bridal hair and makeup.

Bridal magazines are a great place to get inspired for your special look, but sometimes they can be a little discouraging. Not only are many of the models devastatingly skinny, they’ve also got long, luscious locks. That’s not really helpful if you’re a bride with short hair.

Our bridal hair and makeup specialists know how to do amazing things with hair of all lengths. Keep reading to see some favorites of short-haired bridal clients we’ve served in the past!

The Loose Updo

Think wearing your hair down is the only option when it’s short? Think again! Our stylists can perform miracles with just a few inches of hair, tucking and pinning it in a woven pattern that mimics the glorious updos you’ve seen on brides with longer hair.

The Vintage Curls

Do you have a soft spot for styles inspired by the 1940s and 50s? Soft, voluptuous curls that frame the face are a great compliment to vintage-themed weddings.

The Pixie

Don’t hide your short hair, flaunt it! We can sweep your locks into a sassy style that looks perfect when paired with a glittery barrette or birdcage veil.

Finding the perfect person to style your hair or apply your makeup on the big day shouldn’t be stressful!

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