1. 5 Reasons Professional Waxing Is Better Than Shaving

    Summer is coming and that means it'll soon be the season of shorts, flowy skirts, and yes, even the itsy bitsy bikini! As great as it feels to have the sun on your skin, baring it all adds another chore to our plate: shaving. As one of Nashua’s preferred waxing salon’s, we want all women (and well-groomed men!) to know that there’s a better way. Although it’s the b…Read More

  2. Your Nashua Waxing Salon Debunks Common Waxing Myths

    Here at The Skin & Body Spa, we're a beautiful spa and waxing salon in Nashua, NH where you can come and relax from life's stresses. We hear a lot of myths surrounding waxing and while we understand that your first time waxed can be scary, we don't want you to miss the opportunity because of false information! Today we're going to give you some reassurance by debunking…Read More

  3. How To Deal With Preventable Waxing Mistakes

    Let’s be honest: hair removal is tedious and annoying. Shaving, waxing, gel removal… it all gives the same results - smooth, hairless skin. The different methods for achieving this result require different preparation techniques and aftercare treatments. While shaving and gel removal are the most standard for home hair removal care, waxing away the hair is best done in…Read More

  4. Stay Smooth for Longer By Turning to Our Waxing Salon in Nashua, NH

    Most of us could care less about shaving everyday in the winter, but now that summer is here, many of us find ourselves shaving on the daily. Shaving your legs is a lot of work, and it can take a great deal of time. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, the average woman will spend 72 days of their life shaving their legs! Wouldn’t you rather spend your time hanging…Read More

  5. You Will Love Our Waxing Salon in Nashua, NH

    Many women have gotten their eyebrows waxed for years, but more and more, we are seeing men getting their eyebrows waxed as well. Having professionally sculpted eyebrows can make a huge difference for your appearance. Your eyebrows are one of the first thing that people notice when they look at you, and if your eyebrows are a mess, it will make a huge impression. We are th…Read More

  6. Looking for a Top Quality Waxing Salon in Nashua, NH?

    We're happy to report that you've found us! If you've been looking for a top quality waxing salon in Nashua, NH you've come to the right place. The Skin & Body Spa specializes in a full range of spa and salon services, and our waxing services are absolutely the best in the Nashua area. Our estheticians take pride in providing the best waxing as well as the best custome…Read More

  7. A Great Waxing Salon in Nashua, NH

    For great waxing salon services in Nashua, NH look no further than The Skin & Body Spa. We know waxing can be a difficult decision to make and our estheticians are experienced in handling many different skin and hair types to ensure you get the highest quality, least painful waxing possible. We want to make you look fantastic...as well as offer the highest quality salo…Read More