A massage is not something the people get to experience on a regular basis. But when they do, people generally stick to what they know, or what people have told them to try. Most people stick to deep tissue massages, a swedish massage, or even a hot stone massage. But rarely so we try something new.

At The Skin & Body Spa, we offer several different massages that are not was common as the others. If you are looking for something different, with different benefits, we have a few suggestions for you.

Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy)

This is a massage that requires one of our massage therapists. It is a more spiritual massage than some. A massage therapist will channel the universe’s energy to your body, allowing your body to heal itself. The reiki is meant to boost your immune system and can alleviate problems. If you need to strengthen your immune system, this is the perfect massage for you.

Raindrop Therapy

This is another session that requires one of our massage therapists, and only one of them currently offers this massage. In raindrop therapy, uses nine essential oils. These oils are dropped along the spine and from the knee to the big toe, aligning your spine and helping free the body of bacteria, viruses, and inflammation. It is meant to detoxify and cleanse your body. After the oils are placed, you are given a full body massage. Allowing you to get all the benefits of the oils and a therapeutic massage. If you are looking to detoxify your body, this is a unique and great session to select.

Zero Balancing

This is a newer option we offer. Only one of our massage therapists offers this session and is currently working on certification for zero balancing. It is meant to create balance between mind and body. Zero balancing can relieve recurring physical tension and emotion stress. Using body positioning and gentle traction, it improves the flow of energy. It is not a typical massage and the client remains fully dressed during the session. Get the stress release you need and become more connected, mind and body.  

To try one of these unique and beneficial massages, contact The Skin & Body Spa today.