So you’re scared of getting a massage?

massageThe good news is that you’re not alone in this fear. There are plenty of people who are hesitant to schedule a massage because they’re worried about what could happen during the procedure. If you’re nervous about scheduling an appointment, the good news is that most of these fears can quickly be put to rest with the help of our professional masseuse.

Here are some of the most common fears that we hear from people who aren’t ready to set an appointment up for a massage and why they are the last thing that you should be worried about.

Getting Naked

There is this very commonly believed rumor that in order to get a massage you must be entirely naked. This may actually be the most common fear that we hear from customers who are getting a massage. The good news is that this isn’t the case! The only part of your body that you do have to expose is the part of your body that we are going to be massaging. When you are actually in your massage, full sheets and drapes will be used to cover your body and keep it from being exposed. If you are too uncomfortable to leave direct contact to skin, it is possible for us to work over clothing. We will always make sure that you are comfortable with

It’s Going To Hurt

Depending on the type of massage that you’re getting, there is a chance that your massage could you leave you sore, but it isn’t going to leave you in pain. The way that we ensure there is very little pain is through the procedure that we perform. We will warm the muscles that are going to be worked on up before we start working on the deeper layers of muscle. If there is a point in time during the massage that you do feel some pain, it’s your responsibility to make the masseuse aware of the discomfort. In the case that you are sore the following day, it’s good to know that the reason this is happening is because of the waste and pressure that is being released from your body. The soreness can quickly be reduced by stretching and drinking water. If you are still noticing discomfort by day three, call our office and we can gain a better idea of where the discomfort is coming from.

massage2Alone With A Stranger

The purpose of your massage is to provide you with a little rest and relaxation. If you’re nervous about loosening up behind closed doors with a stranger, start off slow. Let your massage therapist know that this is only your first massage and start with a standard back massage, rather than a deep tissue. Then work your way up once you’ve got a better idea of what you’re going to be signing up for, and even then, if ever you are uncomfortable we can both accommodate and stop at any given minute.

Leave your fears at the door and stop into the Skin & Body Spa. Once you’ve had your massage, you’ll see just how great it feels to relieve your muscles of all the stress and pressure that they hold in and then winds up hurting your body more. Trust our massage therapists to provide you with the break that you need.