OK, so your body didn’t actually call. So you don’t need to seek medical attention for your sleep-dialing disorder.

But wouldn’t it be cool if our bodies could tell when they needs a little bit of TLC?

At our massage clinic, we’ve become experts at noticing when our Chelmsford customers are showing definite signs that they need a massage. We’ve listed a few below. Do you notice a few from your own life?

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3 Unusual Signs You Need To Visit Our Massage Clinic

Sitting Up Straight Is Uncomfortable

Look at yourself in the mirror. Does one shoulder look a little higher or lower than the other? Are people constantly telling you to sit up straight, but you find it uncomfortable to do so? Posture is directly linked to muscle tension and spine health. If you’ve become a sloucher, it’s a sign that you need to make a trip to our massage clinic.

One Of Your Body Parts Is In Constant Pain

Are you constantly complaining about pain in your low back, neck, shoulders, wrists, or even knees? Even though you’re not bedridden, it’s important not to ignore this warning sign. Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right. Let our massage therapists release that tension before it turns into a full-blown injury.

Headaches Have Become An Everyday Thing

Has your head been hurting for so long that you take aspirin along with your daily vitamin? When the muscles around your shoulders, back, and head get tight tension headaches can begin,” reports Athletico.com. “Regular maintenance massage can relieve these tension headaches and help promote healthy posture. Massage therapy has been shown to provide some relief for migraine sufferers as well.”

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