Summer is coming and that means it’ll soon be the season of shorts, flowy skirts, and yes, even the itsy bitsy bikini! As great as it feels to have the sun on your skin, baring it all adds another chore to our plate: shaving.

As one of Nashua’s preferred waxing salon’s, we want all women (and well-groomed men!) to know that there’s a better way. Although it’s the butt of jokes and the stuff of legends, professional waxing is superior to shaving in many different ways. Here are just a few you should consider.

Freedom From Razor Burn

If you shave with anything but a brand new razor, you’re likely to notice redness and irritation within a few hours of getting out of the shower. When you visit our waxing salon in Nashua, this razor burn will be a thing of the past!

No Daily Maintenance

If you don’t shave every day or every other day, little bits of hair growth are guaranteed to creep up. Who has time for daily shaving sessions? Professional waxing completely eliminates this step from your morning schedule.

Reduced Hair Growth

In addition to being kinder to your skin and saving you time in the shower, regular waxing will actually teach your body to produce less leg, armpit, and even bikini-area hair. Remember all those times you wished your hair would just stop growing? This is the way to achieve that!

Softer Hair

The hair that does grow back after professional waxing will be softer and lighter than the old hair. This softer texture is due to the fact that waxing removes hair by the root instead of just shaving it off at the tip.

Saves Money

Tired of spending $20 every time you need a box of new razors? What about all the shaving cream and lotion it takes to sooth your irritated skin? With regular waxing at our Nashua salon, you’ll keep more of this money in your pocket where it belongs.

Check out our full menu of hair removal services, and book an appointment at our waxing salon in Nashua today!