There’s nothing worse than those pesky pimples that won’t go away. Acne is something that affects folks of any age. Teenagers are more susceptible to high acne due to the increase and change of hormones; however, following puberty each person lives with acne in some way. While there is no cure for acne, there are many ways to manage and reduce the symptoms.

A Day Spa In Nashua

The Acne Ultrasonic Facial is a 45 minute treatment at The Skin & Body Spa that specifically targets healing acne. This deep facial exfoliates the skin in order to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. In the mean time, pores are cleansed deeply. The follicular walls of pores are where bacteria is stored. The irritation of the bacteria in the pore is what creates the pimple. Like many of our body’s ailments, the irritation of the pore causes redness and inflammation. Therefore, by ridding the pore of bacteria rids the face of redness and inflammation. Win win!

At Home

There are many home remedies that target the removal of bacteria through natural concoctions. Try a dried orange peel paste. Leave the orange peel in the sun until it is completely dry and grind it to a paste. Mix it with a bit of water and give yourself an orange peel mask for 10 – 15 minutes. Wash your face with warm water. The acidic properties from the orange kill the bacteria.

It is best to visit The Skin & Body Spa for the Acne Ultrasonic Facial for six treatments while continuing with a home treatment in between appointments.