When we don’t get enough sleep at night, we can often see the consequences when we look in the mirror the next morning. The delicate skin under our eyes can suddenly seem as puffy as a pillow and we may also see dark blue or brown coloring around our entire eye socket.

If you were out late a party, these results might go away with a few glasses of water and a nap, but for some of us, they persist day after day. Our Merrimack day spa clients often want to know why they’re dealing with this problem and what they can do about it, so we decided to investigate.

3 Causes Of Dark Circles And Puffiness Under Your Eyes

Salty Foods

Did you that what you eat can affect how you look? That’s right, in addition to your waistline, eating too many salty snacks can cause swelling around your eyes as well. Eating too much salt causes your body to retain water, and it shows up in your face.

Sleeping On Your Side

Are you a side sleeper? It could be causing that pillow-look on your face in the morning. “Sleeping on your side or your stomach may cause fluids to pool in your eyes (if this is the case, sleeping on your right will result in more puffiness in that eye). It’s not easy to change, but if this is your problem, try sleeping on your back!” reports AOL Lifestyle.


As skin gets older, it becomes thinner. This means that blood vessels are more visible than they were in our youth, causing dark brown circles under the eyes that just don’t seem to go away. But worry not, there is still hope!

What Can We Do About Dark Circles And Puffiness Under Your Eyes?

Our day spas offer Merrimack customers professional eye treatment that’s specifically designed to revitalize the skin around your eyes. Our Instant Radiance Eye Treatment will improve dark circles, puffiness, and even fine lines!

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