Each and every day (probably all day long) your mother is thinking about your well-being. Especially our mom’s here in Nashua, NH. For 364 days of the year, moms are on the back-burner of children. Going here and there, doing this and that, all at the drop of a hat. This one day, next Sunday May 10, we get the chance to say thank you to our moms for being the best. With all of the hustle and bustle of motherhood, give your mom a day to relax and truly pamper herself. She’ll come back rejuvenated and ready for another year.

The day spa packages are abundant here at The Skin and Body Spa. Choose from three different, very nice day spa packages: Outer Beauty…Inner Peace, Relax & Renew, or The Perfect Escape.

Outer Beauty…Inner Peace pampers from head to toe! The deep tissue massage, seaweed facial, peppermint sea twist body treatment AND a manicure/pedicure hits all of the right places and will definitely alleviate all previous tensions. Not to mention, you should schedule your day spa appointment before a big night because we’ll include a make-up application to send you on your way feeling more beautiful than ever. We know all of this pampering will make you hungry, so we’ve included a spa lunch.

Relax & Renew your mother with the classic facial, deep tissue massage and signature manicure/pedicure. Again, book this appointment on a special day because we love giving you a beautiful make-up application to send you on your way. We will even feed you a spa lunch to keep you truly relaxed on your special day.

The Perfect Escape starts you with a deep tissue massage to work out all of those motherly worries. The classic facial and make-up application will send you out of this world for your perfect escape.

Purchase a gift card to The Skin and Body Spa so you can spoil your mother this year with one of the best gifts she could receive – a day of pampering!