Many of us get pedicures for two reasons: to relax and to give our feet a beautiful touch. After being on our feet day after day, relaxing while receiving a foot massage is just what we need. And with so many different types of pedicures, you can find one that will target your wants and needs and leave your feet feeling completely rejuvenated.

While the relaxation and toe makeover are both benefits to pedicure, there are other bonuses that come with this spa treatment. At The Skin & Body Spa, we offer six different pedicure types to help give your feet the care they need. These pedicure types include: spa, signature, men’s, sport, express, and customized footlogix pedicure.

And for this autumn season, we have a special promotion for a fall themed pedicure that will make you love this time of year! Our Apple Cinnamon Pedicure is offered for only a limited time and takes all of the goodness of fall to create a relaxing and festive pedicure. During this spa session you will receive a warm apple cinnamon foot soak, followed by an exfoliating cinnamon apple scrub, a massage with apple cinnamon infused cream, and finished with a paraffin wrap. You can enjoy all of this while enjoying an autumn themed apple drink and homemade apple crisp! Now doesn’t that just sound wonderful? Enjoy this pedicure for a limited time and get in the fall spirit!

While our pedicure are relaxing and rejuvenating, the benefits of a pedicure do not stop there. In this blog we will cover a few of the benefits that are offered through a pedicure.

Increases Blood Flow

During a pedicure, oil, lotions, and other moisturizers are massaged into the feet. This improves blood flow in the area which can help to reduce pain and work to spread heat throughout the body during the colder months, which are just around the corner. Buffing nails can also help with blood flow and carry nutrients to the nails, stimulating healthy growth.

Detect Problems

Manicurists have seen their fair share of toes and feet, meaning that they can tell when something does not look healthy. They can see the early signs of fungal infections and other feet problems that you may not have noticed. And the earlier these things are detected, the easier they will be to treat.

Removes Dead Skin

Pedicures obviously leave your feet feeling soft and smooth, and that is because they remove the dead skin cells and exfoliate your feet. When the dead skin is removed from your feet and heels, it stimulates new cell growth, helping your feet stay smooth and healthy.

Mental Health

Yes, pedicures can even improve your mental health. Since pedicures are relaxing and can help to reduce stress, they can improve your mental health. Stress is harmful to health, so any chance you get to reduce your daily stress the better you will feel.

Pedicures are great for many reasons, with many different benefits and an improved appearance of your feet! Our Apple Cinnamon Pedicure is only available for a limited time. Come in today, enjoy our fall themed pedicure, and enjoy all of the benefits! Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.