The express clinical treatments are a fantastic boost to your skin and your Esthetician will pick the treatment that best suits your skin’s needs. Your skin will be cleansed, a therapeutic mask will be applied and then your skin will be treated with corrective serums, an antioxidant rich cream and sunscreen.

Therapeutic Oat Milk Treatment

Soothes & hydrates impaired skin conditions. $65 or $45 added to a facial.

Therapeutic Papaya Treatment

Brightens a dull complexion and reduces the build up of dead skin cells. $65 or $50 added to a facial.

Therapeutic Clarify Treatment

Improves acneic & breakout prone skin. $80 (includes post treatment kit)

Therapeutic Pumpkin Treatment

Excellent for those with photo-damage, acne or dull complexions. $80 (includes post treatment kit)

Express Detox Treatment

This treatment uses a blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids to dissolve impactions and blackheads, kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. $50 (includes extractions)