Let’s be honest: hair removal is tedious and annoying. Shaving, waxing, gel removal… it all gives the same results – smooth, hairless skin. The different methods for achieving this result require different preparation techniques and aftercare treatments. While shaving and gel removal are the most standard for home hair removal care, waxing away the hair is best done in a waxing salon with a professional. If you live in Nashua, we recommend visiting us here at The Skin and Body Spa!

Here’s some quick tips for before and after hair wax that will make your experience much more enjoyable.

Don’t wax areas that have rashes, wounds or acne.
While this seems pretty obvious, it’s worth stating. You don’t want to further irritate an already damaged area of skin with hot wax and ripping paper. Instead, wait until your rash, wound or acne has healed before heading to your waxing salon.

Don’t shave before you wax.
If there is nothing for the wax paper to adhere, the wax will just burn your skin. Remember to leave your hair at least ¼” long before your appointment.

Apply some treatment after the wax for easy healing.
We recommend a soothing oil to nourish the freshly waxed area. Another excellent treatment is talcum or baby powder. A rumor on the block is to wait 12 hours before showering to prevent the fresh skin getting soaked, irritated and possibly infected.

When you purchase in series of 6 waxes from our waxing salon, we’ll give you a 10% discount!